With Shadow, Blade provides an answer to the future of PC

Blade develops the future of PC: Shadow.

Shadow is a super powerful computer (running Windows 10) which is accessible from anywhere at anytime. Shadow is compatible with any platform: Windows, macOS, Android(incl. AndroidTV) & iOS! Any device connected to the Internet becomes a powerful station for gaming or working. With Shadow, say goodbye to obsolescence.

No need to change your computer every 4 years anymore, Shadow components (software and hardware) are updated over time in our fully secured data centers.


A family, a project and our secret island!

Blade was born in 2016 with one ambition: to create the PC of the future and free it from its constraints. Indeed, in a world where devices become smaller everyday but with quickly outdated performances, Shadow always delivers more power and reactivity to its user. Considering such a complex equation, Shadow is a whole new kind of PC. After 3 successful rounds of fundraising and more than 2 years of R&D, Blade opened direct sales in 2017.

2018 marks the year of global expansion: the new office in Mountain View (California), the launch of Shadow across Europe and the creation of our secret island… Today, the Blade family is composed of more than 200 employees spread across France and the USA.


Regularly updated...

  • 5000 Servers
  • 6 Data Centers
  • Workforce: +50% per term
  • 16 gal+ of coffee per day


Driven by innovation

Asher Kagan
Computer genius, Acher was special amongst his brothers and sisters because of his computer languages skills, considered better than his own mother tongue. A few years later, he joined his cousin Emmanuel Freund at Isidor in Paris to create an elder-friendly OS. After a technical success and Isidor being acquired by Doro, Acher and Emmanuel decided to create the most powerful PC ever: Shadow.
Emmanuel Freund
Programmer since he was 8, Emmanuel discovered his passion for computers thanks to video games, especially on Atari. Gamer for years, he is an RTS and diplomacy games wizard. Today, after creating the most powerful PC ever, he keeps the exact location of the secret island hidden deep inside his mind. Your challenge at Blade? To find it!
Stéphane Héliot
After graduating from HEC in 1999, Stéphane started his career as a lawyer at Skadden Arps. He then joined Tikehau Capital, an investment and asset management group. Friend of Emmanuel since high school, he did not think twice before joining the Shadow project.


Come to meet us!

Management & Co

Management & Co

From legal to management, human ressources, strategy and employee happiness, this team manages Blade’s gear, equipment and human assets.

Marketing & Co

Marketing & Co

From videos to communication, events and the website, the Marketing team is the bridge between Blade and the world. They drive the community, spread the news to our users and organize lots of amazing events (Shadow University Program, REC by Shadow, Pop-up Store…)



From production to R&D, development and testing, our IT teams work day and night to improve our product’s quality and performance. With various backgrounds, they share an eternal passion for innovation and work together to create the computer of the future!

Customer Support

Customer Support

Our Customer Support can help you solve anything, just contact them by email through your customer account. The team helps our users to set their Shadow up, resolve problems or simply get some information. They created a Help Center gathering a lot of guides, advice, tips and tutorials.